New kid on the blog woes

Once you earn the term ‘blogger’, it’s like your online status is somewhat elevated and you join some sort of exclusive group on the World Wide Web. I am still waddling in the invisible divide that separates bloggers from frequent consumers of social media –Facebook massive (pardon me for the shady reference :)) and the elitist Twiterratti.

Everyday since I decided to wow the world with my writing abilities (or lack of) on a web log or blog if you like, I wake up everyday thinking about this blog. I worry that I am not as interesting, engaging, compelling or thought provoking as the next blog. I wonder how Kenyan girl next door is doing and if she had similar issues?..ah but I digress…I worry about my consistency. I worry that I may have overhyped my blogging capability (or lack of).

I think of ways I could make my life more interesting just so I can write about it. I think of jumping off a bridge and surviving just so I can blog about it from my hospital bed. Ok, not really. I’m kidding. I have never been suicidal. Even for a blog. But nonetheless, I think of what seems to be my mundane existence and I feel the need for few lifestyle changes, again, just for the sake of blogging. That’s how seriously I take my responsibility as a blogger. I have seriously considered bird watching, driving (I kind of suck at this so I could definitely have things to blog about if I drove…in town), stamp collecting (do people still do this?) and…uh…well, nothing else.

It seems that I am not about to walk with my nose in the air anytime soon as a result of the snooty nature that I intend to acquire once I find real things to blog about. Anyhow, I have bigger things to worry about than being snooty at the moment.

Soon to do list:
1. Minimize blogging about blogging.
2. Find other things to blog about and consider use of visual aids in the blog.
3. Convince people that I can be more interesting than this if they gave me more time. A little money would also go a long way.:D


6 thoughts on “New kid on the blog woes

  1. Well, I guess a blog is conversation so its not really a big deal…you don't have to discover a new quantum physics theory. Just start writing about your day and the things that interest you…and soon things will look up…

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