The shamed blogger

I am hiding my face in shame as I type this. I suppose I wasn’t up to the demands of blogging. I have no good reason to excuse the lack of posts for…by Jove!! Has it been a month already? Sigh, moving along swiftly…I really have been thinking of what it is I should be blogging about and I have decided on the following…No, I shouldn’t tell you. What will keep you coming if you know what to expect? The thrill is in the unpredictability of the whole affair. What will she blog about next? That should be the question.


3 thoughts on “The shamed blogger

  1. Hahaha…what WILL you write about next?? The suspense is killing me! Good to have you back…
    but seriously, don't over-think it, just go with the flow. You don't have to have a concrete theme to your writings, they can just be as random as you are (yeah I said it)

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