Interesting things that I have thought of doing with my blog

Happy New Year minions!! That’s what I’m calling followers (seriously, just check on your right) and readers of this blog. Cool huh…don’t answer that…moving along in the speed of light, this is my first blog post this year. I hope your year has started out well and that you are evolving, not in the Darwinian sense, but growing or developing into a better you.

So here are several things that could happen on this blog in 2011…or some other year.

1. Turning it into a social networking and blogging site. Mark Zuckerberg has been such an inspiration to me, hence the many false references I, at times, make of our interactions, on Facebook, and sometimes in conversation (I am not proud), so I felt that I could somehow fuse the blogging and social networking factors and have a place where people could do both at the same time. A social networking blog that I’d call Blogbook (no inspiration whatsoever from Facebook). The activities that the bloggers/social networkers will undertake on this genius site will be discussed in a later entry. A much later entry.

2. I have, many times, contemplated moving to WordPress. No offense e-blogger, but WordPress has really cool templates and stuff. And their whole lay out, sigh, it’s just really neat, for lack of more profound words to describe it. That said, please do not close my blog and blame it on something lame like inappropriate content. If that happens, I will have to report it to a higher power (probably an old bearded guy in blog heaven who fights for bloggers rights) with claims of having been assanged (a term recently coined after the Wikileaks fiasco: Assange;(verb): To prosecute someone for one thing, when you really want to prosecute them for another. Use in sentence- “My client was assanged your honour”)

3. Having blogetitions (notice how I fused the words blog and competition) where readers would say which was their favourite entry (I know they’re only six but we can make it work) and why, then I would pick the best reason. The winner would win. What, you so rightly ask? The satisfaction of knowing that he or she beat tens (my readership is not as high as I would like it to be) of other readers to be the best. My best. Nothing in this world can beat the anticipation, the suspense, the sweaty palms as you await the outcome…then the joy and exhilaration of being declared the best, and the adrenaline rush as you walk up to that virtual podium to be declared the winner.

4. Using visual aids…as soon as I figure out how to do it. We’ll have endless photos of me (narcissistic tendencies) doing things that are deemed mundane, like clipping my nails…but things that, nonetheless make you aware that you are alive. You wouldn’t clip your nails if you were dead, now would you?

5. Have my readers suggest other cooler things I could do with my blog?

Tell us how we can serve you better…because blogging is cool. (Sorry they were out of cool slogans)

Once again, have a great 2011…we’ll get back to serious blog stuff soon 🙂


18 thoughts on “Interesting things that I have thought of doing with my blog

  1. @Edu -Yes six is a lot to choose from 🙂
    @Biggy – We =the people who are responsible for running this blog…me,the little idea people in my head, et cetera

  2. Assange;(verb): To prosecute someone for one thing, when you really want to prosecute them for another. Use in sentence- “My client was assanged your honour”)

    Killer line!!!!

    And ati ur readership is in tens of people?! who says that?!


  3. @Shiro Renee – unfortunately that awesome Assange line ain't mine 😦 saw it somewhere and really liked it 🙂 As always, thanks for stopping by 🙂

  4. You truly need more minions. Hopefully by the end of the year there'll be thousands(no, that's being overly ambitious), hundreds of them!
    This is humorous content

  5. Now that I am reading on a wordpress page, I feel left out 🙂 I didn’t see the dot blogpost!!! Discrimination against the otherwise-timed!

    But hey, have I said that I like your writing? I do…. moving on to the next post…

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