My word! I am so excited!! Why, you ask? Because IT is happening!! What I half jokingly talked about here! Yes, dear reader of this little known blog, we have moved to WordPress. I’m not sure why I’m so excited really, but I am! I probably shouldn’t be this excited but hey! I am! I feel so much cooler now after moving to WordPress.com! I’m even thinking of getting a leather jacket, a pair of those rockstar sunglasses, leatherboots…wait I already have those…, a helmet, and later on a motorbike with flames painted on, among other paraphernalia owned by cool people 😀

Ok jokes aside, two of the things we (we’re a little community of shiny, happy, sometimes realistically challenged people here at Unsaid But Written) talked about happening on this blog in 2011 have happened/are happening.

One of them was moving to WordPress and TADA!! we’re here. The other one was use of visual aids…ok let’s just say pictures. We now have pictures. Look through the older entries and you’ll find some. Let me know what you think of the few I threw into some of them entries.

I have one @TheParasGudka to thank for this wonderful transition that I am still rather excited about. Follow him, he’s awesome. @twezlie  (formerly @wldntulike2knw) was also present at the historic moment that coincidentally involved my famed caffelatte and chocolate croissant. Refer here if you have no idea what I’m talking about. She has also moved to WordPress from Tumblr. This is her blog. Check it out. It’s cool.

For some weird reason, I feel like moving from Blogger (I still love thee Blogger! It’s not you, it’s me. Really, it is. We can still be friends :D) to WordPress is like moving from Facebook to Twitter.

Um if you were a follower of this blog during Blogger A.D., I expect all my minions to follow me here too!! 😀

Looking forward to more of this thrill that is blogging,


Ed :-*


16 thoughts on “EIT’S HAPPENINGG!! :D

    • This evil that I cannot stop!!! 😀 Actually, you should’ve inserted the X-Files tune instead 🙂 Looking forward to your comments 😀

      • N&puiso;qmrorte quoi… Quand on est dans leur situation il y a deux solutions. Soit se laisser mourir (ce que ferait la plupart des gens), soit se battre à fond contre la mort. Manifestement, ils ont choisi la deuxième, et même si çà ne représente pas grand chose à nos yeux, pour eux c’est énorme.

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