Of things unsaid

That when the beautiful evening sun
casts its glorious glow
on the bare hills,
When the trees gently sway
to the wind’s soft whisper,
As the solitary workman
slowly cycles home,
When everything lays still
and the birds’ chirping
is all that’s heard,
A lone tear rolls down
our rosy cheeks
and causes a ripple in the calm,
where still waters run dangerously deep.

Note: This begins a series of poetry I wrote a few years back that I will post on this ‘ere web log. I can’t even believe I wrote that. I haven’t been able to write even a stanza of poetry in a long while.

Interesting that this particular one is called ‘Of things unsaid’ huh. What better blog to post this on than ‘Unsaid but written’ ey 🙂


6 thoughts on “Of things unsaid

  1. I loved this poem when you posted it on Facebook, ama was it one about beauty for ashes? Don’t get it though, what were you referring too especially with the last line?

    • Sorry, late reply. This poem is about the hurt we keep inside. The things we leave unsaid that gnaw at us while on the surface we seem fine.

  2. I love your work my dear. very beautiful. i will definitely pick you to help me write my vows one day. xoxo

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