The words I thought

were all I needed

for the most suitable

of expressions

seem to fail me lately.

How are you?

Good, I say,

leaving out

much needed detail.

I worry a lot about the future,

and I think I’m growing shorter.

I may be mistaken

but I think my hair has grown

three inches longer.

And that’s not even 1/3

of my current state of being.

What do you think of him?

Oh, he’s seems nice.

Yet, he’s a great conversationalist

though he stares a lot,

and talks with his mouth full,

is what I meant to say.

Yet good, nice, fine, OK

are the only words

I seem to come up with

to describe

what neither a thousand words

nor pictures

could do justice.

This little poem?

I think it’s OK.


15 thoughts on “Words

  1. Story of my life. After a particularly harrowing breakup, a friend of mine once blew up at me for insisting on replying “I’m fine” whenever anyone asked how I was doing. She gave me quite an earful. Now I say “Pretty good, you?”. 🙂

    • in my first comment to Kate (above), I was hoping this post wouldn’t be taken as mean — it wasn’t meant that way — but I realized when I was writing this post that it was a little borderline, and there was potential for offense. So I’m sorry if this joke goes a little too far.And you’re right that I don’t know you. But there’s a way to remedy that, even if we’ve gotten started on the wrong foot. ;^)

  2. And that is precisely why my journal grows in leaps. That’s where I regurgitate the words that I swallow in my attempts to sound nice and ‘normal’. Sometimes I leave the house and feel like I would kill anyone who asks me “how are you John?”. Because I would lie. And it would be ok. But not to me.

    I love this post!

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