The good ol’ days

One night I spent over an hour poring over old Facebook photos. I laughed and shook my head at the silliness I used to get up to.

I reminisced.

Remembered good times spent with friends, some now casual acquaintances, others nearly strangers and others still the good ol’ friends I made years ago.

Ah, the good ol’ days.

What happened to the good ol’ days?

Why do we look back on the past, the happy past, and cherish it so much more than we did at that actual moment?

Do we not recognize happiness in the present?

Does happiness seem more apparent when looked back upon?

Why don’t we cherish happiness presently?

Why does happiness seem to be a faraway construct, etched in the past as the ‘good ol’ days’ or in the future as something we intend to feel once we have fulfilled a certain need or desire?

Be happy. Now.

What’s keeping you away from making the happiness choice?


2 thoughts on “The good ol’ days

  1. My friend says it is mainly because we block out sadness from our memory. (You don’t have old facebook photos of you crying, for example). So we tend to think the past was a happier.

    I’m genuinely happy now though, because you’re writing again.

  2. *blows dust and cobwebs out of this blog post* *cough sneeze* Interesting thoughts from your friend. Thank you for continually reading this old writer’s blog. 🙂

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