How to find the perfect wedding dress: Lessons – Part 2

Finding a wedding dress that you love and feel great in can be a rather daunting task, as seen in my previous post. This is especially for those, like me, who are prone to bouts of chronic indecision from time to time.

Starting over on this project (it really is one) that I thought I was done with in good time so I could focus on other equally important matters was not fun at first. Searching for another wedding dress design that could actually fit into my vision and budget, shopping for fabric, and a different fundi (as the one I had talked about earlier was experiencing some health challenges) for the second time while still planning other aspects of the wedding was exhausting.

Even though the first attempt of having my dress made didn’t turn out as expected, I was not deterred from tailor-making my dress. I settled on one of the very first designs I had liked and pinned on my one of my Pinterest boards (I wouldn’t call myself obsessive but by this time I had about seven wedding-related boards). It was simple and elegant with long-sleeved lace arms, a low back, and a flowing chiffon bottom.

I’d like to acknowledge my good friend Laura of Weza Fabrics who hooked me up with not only some great fabric for the dress design I wanted but also with a great fundi from her tailoring shop who had experience in bridal work. She was also rather patient and understanding with me, something that all brides need in generous doses during this time. Though there were a number of adjustments and uncertainties that were part of this process, I loved the end result and do not regret my decision to tailor-make the dress. I also learned a couple of lessons that I’d like to pass on to another bride-to-be from my own experience.

  • Start your wedding dress search early so you can have time to browse, consider different options and titter tatter in indecision. You will not have the luxury of doing this 1.5 months to your wedding.
  • I probably do not need to state the obvious but I will anyway. Go for a dress you feel comfortable and beautiful in. It’s great to have the input of your loved ones but the ultimate decision has to be yours. You’re the one wearing the dress after all.
  • It’s possible to have continuous second and third thoughts even after you’re sure you’ve found THE ONE.
  • You will see prettier, shinier and non-mainstreamier (yes, this is a word I made up) wedding dresses after you have already settled on a dress you’re sure you love. You need to make peace with this fact and be content with your decision.
  • If you are having your dress made, please understand that it may not turn out exactly like the one saved on your phone. Find out where adjustments can be made to make it closer to the one you had envisioned and also what you can accept as the fundi’s creative interpretation of what you asked them to make, if possible (easier said than done really).
  • There is no perfect wedding dress.


Happy wedding day!



5 thoughts on “How to find the perfect wedding dress: Lessons – Part 2

  1. Beautiful dress! I love it! Might contact you for links to the fundi. The tips are quite useful, especially for someone who also faces “bouts of chronic indecision”

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