My 5 Links

It’s about time I took part in an interesting blogging whatchamacallit with other bloggers! Anyhow, this is about ‘My 5 Links’, which @eGichomo (a blogging enthusiast, among other things) who blogs here calls a chance to go into the archives and share some of the links that you feel deserve another read. It’s also to appreciate bloggers in Kenya and share mini-blog rolls for a broader read. A most noble idea, I must say. If and when you take part, tag five bloggers whom you’d like to read a similar post from.

I started blogging in October 2010 on Blogger then moved to WordPress…amid a lot of pomp and celebration. Here’s my last post on ye olde blog and my first post on WordPress here. Yes, I am using this post for more than it’s intended for and making you read pretty much my whole blog. 😀 Anyhuuu (I realize I say this a lot) let’s get to it. Here are the five categories:

My Most Popular Post : The ‘desert island’ question

Funny enough, out of all the informative (not really :D) entries on good ol’ ‘Unsaid But Written’ this was the most popular. There was really not much to this post. It came to me on a dreary Monday evening when work inspiration and productivity were running dangerously low, even with looming deadlines. It’s about uh…the ‘desert island’ question, you know, like the name suggests 😀 It’s about that question, as asked in interviews, of all kinds really.

Post that Didn’t Get The Attention It Deserved : New kid on the blog woes

I know it was only my third post but I somehow expected it to do better than it did. I mean just look at the title ‘new kid on the blog’. Do you know how proud of myself I was after coming up with such limitless wit? No. You don’t. Anyhow, my only source of self-promotion then was Facebook, and it seems that it didn’t work very well for me. So now the post can finally get a little action ey. 😉

Post Whose Success Surprised Me : Now that she’s gone…

Wow, what can I say… I was totally surprised by the response to this sappy post. It’s probably also my only unplanned post. Yes, dear reader I do plan most of my blog posts. I just sat, rather, lay down and wrote it on my sister’s wedding night.  It’s awesome when people can relate to what you write. Really, it is. Especially when you consider yourself to be of extraterrestrial origin…*ahem*….moving along in the speed of light…

My Most Controversial Post : Interesting things that I have thought of doing with my blog

I’m actually laughing as I write this because I’m probably one of the least controversial people ever! Yes, like I once mentioned on my blog posts, I am very phlegmatic (again, I need to blog about that), the ultimate pacififst, probably a few paces away from becoming a hippie, walking barefoot with flowers in my hair…and changing my name to something like Moonflower. Seriously though, um I have changed this part (I’m not sure if that’s allowed) and instead included what I consider to be my lamest post ever haha. 😀 Evidently, I am not in possession of a controversial post. Needta get myself one of those.

Post I Am Most Proud Of : Feelings and Emoticons

I am mighty proud of this post. What started off as a silly observation on noseless smileys grew into paragraphs of abstract thought on the famed emoticons. And that is one of the things I love about blogging. The surprise. Mostly pleasant. Once I put finger to keyboard I never know what it’s going to look like in the end.

Viva la blogging!

So there you have it dear reader. My 5 Links. What are your thoughts on these?

Tagging the following bloggers to follow suit:

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My word! I am so excited!! Why, you ask? Because IT is happening!! What I half jokingly talked about here! Yes, dear reader of this little known blog, we have moved to WordPress. I’m not sure why I’m so excited really, but I am! I probably shouldn’t be this excited but hey! I am! I feel so much cooler now after moving to! I’m even thinking of getting a leather jacket, a pair of those rockstar sunglasses, leatherboots…wait I already have those…, a helmet, and later on a motorbike with flames painted on, among other paraphernalia owned by cool people 😀

Ok jokes aside, two of the things we (we’re a little community of shiny, happy, sometimes realistically challenged people here at Unsaid But Written) talked about happening on this blog in 2011 have happened/are happening.

One of them was moving to WordPress and TADA!! we’re here. The other one was use of visual aids…ok let’s just say pictures. We now have pictures. Look through the older entries and you’ll find some. Let me know what you think of the few I threw into some of them entries.

I have one @TheParasGudka to thank for this wonderful transition that I am still rather excited about. Follow him, he’s awesome. @twezlie  (formerly @wldntulike2knw) was also present at the historic moment that coincidentally involved my famed caffelatte and chocolate croissant. Refer here if you have no idea what I’m talking about. She has also moved to WordPress from Tumblr. This is her blog. Check it out. It’s cool.

For some weird reason, I feel like moving from Blogger (I still love thee Blogger! It’s not you, it’s me. Really, it is. We can still be friends :D) to WordPress is like moving from Facebook to Twitter.

Um if you were a follower of this blog during Blogger A.D., I expect all my minions to follow me here too!! 😀

Looking forward to more of this thrill that is blogging,


Ed :-*

Interesting things that I have thought of doing with my blog

Happy New Year minions!! That’s what I’m calling followers (seriously, just check on your right) and readers of this blog. Cool huh…don’t answer that…moving along in the speed of light, this is my first blog post this year. I hope your year has started out well and that you are evolving, not in the Darwinian sense, but growing or developing into a better you.

So here are several things that could happen on this blog in 2011…or some other year.

1. Turning it into a social networking and blogging site. Mark Zuckerberg has been such an inspiration to me, hence the many false references I, at times, make of our interactions, on Facebook, and sometimes in conversation (I am not proud), so I felt that I could somehow fuse the blogging and social networking factors and have a place where people could do both at the same time. A social networking blog that I’d call Blogbook (no inspiration whatsoever from Facebook). The activities that the bloggers/social networkers will undertake on this genius site will be discussed in a later entry. A much later entry.

2. I have, many times, contemplated moving to WordPress. No offense e-blogger, but WordPress has really cool templates and stuff. And their whole lay out, sigh, it’s just really neat, for lack of more profound words to describe it. That said, please do not close my blog and blame it on something lame like inappropriate content. If that happens, I will have to report it to a higher power (probably an old bearded guy in blog heaven who fights for bloggers rights) with claims of having been assanged (a term recently coined after the Wikileaks fiasco: Assange;(verb): To prosecute someone for one thing, when you really want to prosecute them for another. Use in sentence- “My client was assanged your honour”)

3. Having blogetitions (notice how I fused the words blog and competition) where readers would say which was their favourite entry (I know they’re only six but we can make it work) and why, then I would pick the best reason. The winner would win. What, you so rightly ask? The satisfaction of knowing that he or she beat tens (my readership is not as high as I would like it to be) of other readers to be the best. My best. Nothing in this world can beat the anticipation, the suspense, the sweaty palms as you await the outcome…then the joy and exhilaration of being declared the best, and the adrenaline rush as you walk up to that virtual podium to be declared the winner.

4. Using visual aids…as soon as I figure out how to do it. We’ll have endless photos of me (narcissistic tendencies) doing things that are deemed mundane, like clipping my nails…but things that, nonetheless make you aware that you are alive. You wouldn’t clip your nails if you were dead, now would you?

5. Have my readers suggest other cooler things I could do with my blog?

Tell us how we can serve you better…because blogging is cool. (Sorry they were out of cool slogans)

Once again, have a great 2011…we’ll get back to serious blog stuff soon 🙂

The shamed blogger

I am hiding my face in shame as I type this. I suppose I wasn’t up to the demands of blogging. I have no good reason to excuse the lack of posts for…by Jove!! Has it been a month already? Sigh, moving along swiftly…I really have been thinking of what it is I should be blogging about and I have decided on the following…No, I shouldn’t tell you. What will keep you coming if you know what to expect? The thrill is in the unpredictability of the whole affair. What will she blog about next? That should be the question.

New kid on the blog woes

Once you earn the term ‘blogger’, it’s like your online status is somewhat elevated and you join some sort of exclusive group on the World Wide Web. I am still waddling in the invisible divide that separates bloggers from frequent consumers of social media –Facebook massive (pardon me for the shady reference :)) and the elitist Twiterratti.

Everyday since I decided to wow the world with my writing abilities (or lack of) on a web log or blog if you like, I wake up everyday thinking about this blog. I worry that I am not as interesting, engaging, compelling or thought provoking as the next blog. I wonder how Kenyan girl next door is doing and if she had similar issues?..ah but I digress…I worry about my consistency. I worry that I may have overhyped my blogging capability (or lack of).

I think of ways I could make my life more interesting just so I can write about it. I think of jumping off a bridge and surviving just so I can blog about it from my hospital bed. Ok, not really. I’m kidding. I have never been suicidal. Even for a blog. But nonetheless, I think of what seems to be my mundane existence and I feel the need for few lifestyle changes, again, just for the sake of blogging. That’s how seriously I take my responsibility as a blogger. I have seriously considered bird watching, driving (I kind of suck at this so I could definitely have things to blog about if I drove…in town), stamp collecting (do people still do this?) and…uh…well, nothing else.

It seems that I am not about to walk with my nose in the air anytime soon as a result of the snooty nature that I intend to acquire once I find real things to blog about. Anyhow, I have bigger things to worry about than being snooty at the moment.

Soon to do list:
1. Minimize blogging about blogging.
2. Find other things to blog about and consider use of visual aids in the blog.
3. Convince people that I can be more interesting than this if they gave me more time. A little money would also go a long way.:D

The creation of future blogger extraordinaire

The day, time and date were marked as earlier stated. October 5th, 2010, sometime between 12.00 and 12.30 a.m. That was the historical moment that I had created.
After typing up my first blog post, I came up with a name after several failed attempts, read ‘name not available.’ Here were my first two options:

1. reDflections- played around with the name reflections and my name, rather nickname, Ed. Turns out someone else had thought about it before I did.
2. Kenyanne- came from trying to feminize the word Kenyan to refer to a Kenyan female, hence Kenyanne. Again, I wasn’t the only one with this bright idea.

Don’t you just hate it when you find out that someone came up with an idea like yours way before you did? Especially after taking a while to come up with the idea and considering your idea cool. I came up with ‘unsaidbutwritten’ on a whim and I’m surprised that no one had thought of it before. Seriously, it does not sound that original to me. It will do for now. I might have to take a ‘how cool is my blog name?’ poll soon. If the results are negative, please bear with the name change.

Next, came the ‘choose a template’ template option. Sometimes, I don’t like it when people give me options. I take ages to make a decision and even when I do, I keep thinking I should have gone with that other one or that other-other one. I think I may be pathologically indecisive if there’s anything like that.

I chose the ‘watermark’ template by Josh Peterson, who seemed to have come up with a good number of the templates. I wonder if that’s what he does for a living. Maybe he….it will be good for us if I state at this point of our blogger-bloggee relationship that I digress a lot.

That was all in regards to creation of this blog. So far I’ve blogged about blogging. I’m still unsure about what I’ll blog about. Is it selfish to blog about myself? I mean my thoughts? Isn’t that the essence of blogging? I’m not sure. There are endless possibilities. I could blog about blogging, staplers, the human condition, printing paper…ok now I’m just mentioning stuff that’s around me. I think I’ll just blog about what’s unsaid but is written as my title suggests. The endless possibilities should fit somewhere in these parameters.

Blog entry one: A moment in history

This is my first blog post ever. I am a newbie in the blogging world. Well, I read and have read other people’s blog posts before and have wanted to start one of my own for ages but somehow I have never gotten around to doing it. I have blamed it on several reasons:

1. I don’t know what to blog about. We have heard time and time again that there is nothing new on this earth and honestly I’m not sure I have anything new to offer you dear reader (who at this point is probably a friend I forced to check my blog out).
2. I need better and constant Internet access.
3. Who will read my blog? I, like all humans and also according to Abraham Maslow, need to know that I am needed. OK, that’s not really what I mean. Let me put this way. I need to be relevant, I need people to identify with what I blog about, and I need people to find me interesting. I wonder if this is too much to ask.
4. I am inconsistent. I never follow stuff up. I need reminders, accountability partners, and maybe even a life coach (I’m not sure what exactly these people do but I think they can help me to remember stuff I need to and do it) to poke me into doing things that I’m supposed to do.
5. I have constant Writer’s Block. Jack London, an American short story writer once said that “You can’t wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club.” I say use a knife, a hand grenade, nuclear weapons, and other more violent means. But then, if inspiration was a person or thing, wouldn’t you end up destroying him, her or it? Maybe Jack London hadn’t thought this whole ‘club approach’ through. Anyway, I digress, the point was that I have many, many blank moments in my life, both physically (I’m not sure this is the right word to use here) when I lack or run out of things to say to people and in situations where I’m required to speak; and writtingly (forgive my use of little known words drawn from the Edopedia 🙂 ) when I’m required to write and I have nothing to write about or lack words to appropriately express what I’d like to write about.

I guess I have just had a ‘Eureka moment’ and decided that excuses and reasons not to do something you want to do will always be there but that I shouldn’t let this hinder me from doing what I want. All of a sudden, the reasons I had for not starting a blog kind of fizzled away. Well, most of them anyway.

I’m still not sure what this blog will be about but I’ll keep writing what comes to mind that I’d like to share. Also, after doing a little research while looking for a name, I have realized that I cannot use the name ‘Kenyan girl next door’ which would have been perfect. So perfect. Turns out there’s another Kenyan girl next door. I hope I find a cool name. I’m still not over the ‘Kenyan girl next door’ issue.
I now have constant (not really better) Internet access from xxx (I do not offer free advertising).

I will make some of my friends read this blog and link it to my Twitter and Facebook accounts to tell more people about it. I should be content to have even five constant readers. I think this should take care of issue number three.

I will note down everything that comes to mind that I’d like to blog about, so I don’t forget when it comes to doing the actual writing and also to help generate more self content (because that’s what most of this will be) which should mostly help with the Writer’s Block.

I don’t know how often I should be blogging. Weekly? I guess. I will make goals, get an accountability buddy or a life coach or both to help me with inconsistency.
That’s about it for my first blog post. I’m thinking maybe I should mark today’s date for when I’m blogger extraordinaire.