The words I thought

were all I needed

for the most suitable

of expressions

seem to fail me lately.

How are you?

Good, I say,

leaving out

much needed detail.

I worry a lot about the future,

and I think I’m growing shorter.

I may be mistaken

but I think my hair has grown

three inches longer.

And that’s not even 1/3

of my current state of being.

What do you think of him?

Oh, he’s seems nice.

Yet, he’s a great conversationalist

though he stares a lot,

and talks with his mouth full,

is what I meant to say.

Yet good, nice, fine, OK

are the only words

I seem to come up with

to describe

what neither a thousand words

nor pictures

could do justice.

This little poem?

I think it’s OK.


Ode To Delay


On the brink
of inward apocalypse,
full realization came.
It was the darkest of night,
the weary traveller longed for home.
Half coal,
cocooned beauty.
Then, dawn brightens the sky,
the weary traveller is home.
Coal, now dusty diamond.
The beautiful butterfly meets the world.
And the dear price
of patience,
is paid in full.



It dawned on me that I will almost always have to explain my poetry. See my poetry is very personal and sometimes hard to understand, or so I’ve been told. I hardly ever write poetry. I write when inspired by a situation, life event, et cetera.  While everything is open to interpretation, and I’d like the reader to interpret this in any way they may please, I’ll explain what I mean.

This particular piece, as the name may suggest, is about tolerance, waiting, patience, and related issues. Necessary delays. They say it’s darkest before dawn, a diamond is a piece of coal that stuck to its job, and a butterfly has to go through the larval stage (you probably can’t imagine how beautiful the little guy in the above pic will look in a few days) and be cocooned for a while before emerging as the beautiful creature it is.

They say patience pays. They (always wonder who ‘they’ are) also say ‘good things come to those who wait’, ‘the best is yet to come’, and many other one-liners relating to patience. I believe patience is a great virtue that I, sadly, do not have a lot of. I’m the kind to say, “God, please give me patience, NOW!” Anyhow, I do pray for patience. And not only that, but also to maintain a good attitude while waiting for whatever it is I will be waiting for in any case. I pray the same for you…especially as you await my next entry. 😀

Of things unsaid

That when the beautiful evening sun
casts its glorious glow
on the bare hills,
When the trees gently sway
to the wind’s soft whisper,
As the solitary workman
slowly cycles home,
When everything lays still
and the birds’ chirping
is all that’s heard,
A lone tear rolls down
our rosy cheeks
and causes a ripple in the calm,
where still waters run dangerously deep.

Note: This begins a series of poetry I wrote a few years back that I will post on this ‘ere web log. I can’t even believe I wrote that. I haven’t been able to write even a stanza of poetry in a long while.

Interesting that this particular one is called ‘Of things unsaid’ huh. What better blog to post this on than ‘Unsaid but written’ ey 🙂